Training module – Dr. Rajiv R Thakur

Training Module

  • Active in conducting MDPs for PSUs, Public Sector Banks and Private sector organizations in all possible areas which includes HR, Marketing, Finance, Strategic Leadership, CSR, Corporate Governance and more.
  • Strategic Management in Role Transition
  • Developing Global Awareness and Diversity-Driven Business Vision Strategy
  • Risk Taking Competencies
  • Risk Management
  • Creating and sustaining performing culture, Performance oriented development
  • E Learning programmes
  • One Year General Management Programme for Executives
  • Advance Management Programmes for Generals, Major Generals of Indian Army, and ONGC and other PSU middle and senior executives.
  • Competitiveness and Global Leadership
  • Challenges and Experiences of Balance Score Card
  • Developing Global Mindset
  • Mentoring the Mentors


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