Testinomial – Dr. Rajiv R Thakur

People Say

I have known Dr Rajiv R Thakur for more than a decade now,  both in his role as Professor and Director in different institutions and I have no hesitation in saying that whatever role he worked, he has brought about a positive and significant difference and have left behind a distinctive mark of success.  I find in him every quality of a successful practicing leader. I congratulate him for his efforts which will directly benefit a large section of society.  I further wish him all success in life.

Padmshri (Dr.) Pritam Singh, Ex Director IIM Lucknow, MDI, DG – IMI

You are so lovable personality as a great colleague and friend with utmost dedication for organizational development, student engagement and nurturing colleagues. You believe in utmost meticulous planning with perfection, that reflect your inner strengths of sincere involvement  for  110 percent  success. Very strong in academics with excellent presentation skills.( Avoid a bit of theoretical portion, when needed as per mood of the audience, if feel so). You would always shine  in your endeavours with your tangible n intangible values . Keep the things as simple as possible and don’t stress much beyond a particular point(this is on the basis of my life time learning ).love your family and devote  required time for them.

Prof S P Garg, MD, New York Operations Bank of Baroda

As a person I find you to be simple, organized, structured and straight forward. I appreciate your ability to maintain relationships over time; As a professional I rate you as mature , far-sighted ,to the point and prompt in decision making. However I would like to suggest that you should be more flexible and receptive while forming opinions about colleagues. I find our relationship to be meaningful, mutually beneficial and very co-operative; According to me you have huge potential to take bigger responsibilities; I believe you have the potential to do extremely well on a bigger canvas.

Prof B D Singh, Dean Jaipuria Centre of MDP and Consultancy (ChairmanRetd. NALCO; Worked at SAIL, MDI, IMT Ghaziabad and others)

As a person you are balanced open to ideas work on human relationships. As a professional , Willing to experiment. Leadership by setting example.Iknow you for two decades. I value your sense of respect to seniors, civil manner ,sobriety and sincerity. You are a natural leader. Given right atmospherics you will do well.

Prof B Bhattacharya Ex Dean, IIFT, Delhi

Humble yet strict and diligent; On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) – 7.5 would be a precise figure. Reason being the ability to give responsibility to a group and as a leader be accountable for all of it. And your best skills being response management, feed-forward and align individual skills to work within a group; Absolute good. Your ability to get the best out of me is something that I shall always cherish; In terms of people, it is ability to align resources to the precise tasks which the person is good at. Ability to find those skills, being accountable for your teams deeds and actions but yet getting the team to be responsible is a wonderful skill-set that can be motivating for any group of people. Great Institutes are built out of inordinate people working towards common goals. With your abilities in people management, whatever level players you may get as a team, it always augurs well for any institute to leapfrog towards the goals it has set for itself.

Dr Abhijit Nair,Dean Student Affairs &Associate Professor, Jaipuria Institute of Management Jaipur

you are an intelligent, courteous, caring man who pursues what he thinks is right; your career switch shows you know your mind and follow the path you think is right for you. I would rate you high as a professional. Yes, I have enjoyed our relationship. You hold out the promise of dedicated efforts to nourish and grow things and people around you.

Mr T K Arun , Editor The Economic Times, Delhi Edition

Meritorious with brains at optimal perfection. Have a sound sense of perfectionism. Social and sharing his epitome of knowledge with friends. Responsible person who looks after his profession and family commendably well.Integrity and vision of life, at par excellence.Your perception of life and profession adorable; Knowledge at the zenith and willing to share his mind with others. Honest and loyal to the organisation. Diligent and industrious who will never complain about the extra workload and is duty bound to complete all the assignments. Takes on additional responsibility with a smile.Would love to work with you; Fabulous and it needs no words to express. Was missing your company for a long time. Sharing and caring; have to learn from you; A pioneer in your field and people would try to emulate your style and perseverance. All the Institutions would be more than willing to have you in their team. You have a sense of purpose and would like to gain maximum out of life. The CEOs of Corporate sectors should learn from you.

Col. Satyaroop , Has worked closely in training and other professional assignment.

Gem of a person… brilliant, structured, organised, creative and polite; Competent and committed professional with telescope in one hand and microscope in another; Knowing you is a life time asset; You bring in sincerity of purpose

MsKamna Malik , Deputy Director, NASSCOM &Ex Dean Research, U21 Global Graduate School Singapore

One who can be trusted for anything and everything. You are a great human being I have ever met; You are methodical, risk-taker, possessing never-say-die attitude, high of self belief, high on need-for-achievement as well as high on need-for-affiliation. You are high on abstract and social Intelligence but low on concrete intelligence;  I enjoyed our relationship. You are a great leader as well as a great follower. You always strive for cultivating and practicing honest and candid interpersonal relationships;  Whether it is individual or institution, one can count on you for help whenever it is needed. You are an excellent mentor as well as great institution builder.

Dr. Sanjay Singh , Associate Professor of Management, College of Business Administration, Abu Dhabi University


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