Origin and Journey – Dr. Rajiv R Thakur

Origin And Journey

Birth and Origin

Born in a Maithil Brahmin family had his birthplace as Darbhanga in the state of Bihar. Dharbhanga is one of the most important district and city of north Bihar situated in the very heart of Mithilanchal. The history of Darbhanga dates back to the Ramayana and Mahabharata periods; it is among the oldest cities of Bihar.

His family origins though belong to place called Baragaon in Madhubani District, however, his forefathers, almost two generations before settled in village Bhagnocha in Mahnar Block of Vaishali district ( headquatered at Hazipur ) of Bihar. The history of Vaishali district is very ancient, and finds mention in the Indian classic Mahabharata, as well as in Buddhist and Jain tradition.

Onward Journey

His father, Late Shri Ishwar Chandra Thakur was in Bihar Administrative Service and had a transferable job which made him and his family shift places within the state of Bihar every third year on an average. By virtue of this fact, had an opportunity to spend the early childhood days in places like Samastipur, Basukinath, Deogarh, Giridih, Ranchi from where he had to move for his further studies to national capital Delhi in the year 1986. However, he continued visiting places where his father was posted later such as Jamui, Bhagalpur and Patna. Patna was where the family settled after father retired from service.

Patna is the capital of the Indian state of Bihar. Ancient Patna, known as Pataliputra, was the capital of the Magadha Empire under the Haryanka, Nanda, Mauryan, Sunga, Gupta and Pala.



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